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Lucretia MacEvil and I have a good friend that although isn’t in a open relationship has been to several swinger parties over the years with us.  After the first party she went to she commented:

“Swinging is like the icing on the cake of marriage.  But if the cake underneath doesn’t have all the ingredients to make it solid, all the icing in the world won’t keep it from crumbling.”

Wiser words have seldom been said about an open relationship of any kind.


I love this series on a polyamorous triad in Seattle, especially since it is a male-female-male triad, not the (in my opinion) overly-common female-male-female type that it seems 90% of poly couples are looking for (that will be another post).  You can watch the censored versions from the 3 Dog Pictures website that link to the YouTube versions, or you can mosey-on over to North West Live for the uncensored versions that YouTube will not play.

Also, be sure to check-out the music from the series by Christopher Bingham.

And don’t forget the swag


3 Dog Pictures

North West Live Family Page

Christopher Bingham

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