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I missed this radio program the first time it came around.  It was rebroadcast last night and I was riveted.  If you have the time to play it I can guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

RadioActive! July 30 Sex in Crisis

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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (2008-07-31) In Dagmar Herzog’s new book, Sex in Crisis, she argues that within three decades after the legalization of abortion, American attitudes toward sex appear to be sliding backwards into “1950s redux”. Gena welcomes Herzog to talk about sex, Christian fundamentalism and what the future of American politics might look like.

Link to the original file:

Dagmar Herzog’s website

~ Lucius Scribbens

While listening to a sex therapist on the radio this morning it occurred to me that most media-whore sex therapists/specialists only talk about one-man-one-woman in a committed relationship in a sex-positive light. Although we all know that this is not the only way that sex is positive and good and fulfilling, most of these so-called specialists just don’t have the chutzpah to talk about anything except what is considered non-controversial.

It’s too bad, there are too many people out there that are not getting a positive message about their own sexuality just because it doesn’t match what is considered “socially acceptable” because such programming won’t attract advertising dollars.


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