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Again recently I have had to sit back and think to myself why many monogamists think as they do.  Try to understand what make them tick and what makes them think I am weird or “wrong” and their way is normal or “right”.  What happened to make me ruminate like this was a woman.  Yes, the thing that makes many men think for a moment, touch themselves, then turn-on SPEED Network to watch monster trucks.  But what really got me today was a woman I know who is a single mom of three, works two jobs and who I’ve been good friends with for months now, told me that I “need to take a step back because all this was just getting to weird.”

Now she knows that I’m in an open relationship.  We’ve also talked of our mutual attraction and that as other women have said:  she’d love to have a relationship with me, but she’d just be putting time into someone else’s husband.  Which I can respect if getting married is the be-all-end-all of her existence right now.   So all this is nothing of a surprise.

So what spurred that response from her?  Lucretia MacEvil invited her to dinner, with her children, since her middle daughter is the same age as our youngest daughter and they would probably get along fabulously.  To her, this just seemed too strange.  The wife of a man who she’s attracted to is inviting her to break bread with her, not kill her.  She really couldn’t wrap her brain around that.  In fact she even said to me: “Doesn’t that just seem a bit strange to you?  To normal people it is.”

What seems strange to me though, is that for over a year she was dating a married man who was cheating on his wife, and one of her children is the result of that relationship.  Of course, he never left his wife and has no contact with her, or his child today.

So dating a married man who is cheating on his wife is not weird, however dating a married man who is honest with his wife and who’s wife would like to meet her and feed her and get to know her because her husband likes her, is weird.

Dating a cheating husband: Good

Dating a husband in an open and honest relationship: Bad

As mentioned in an earlier post, we’ve seen this with men, too.  Many men want to have something with Lucretia, however they don’t want to meet me, her husband.

Fucking a married, cheating woman: Good

Fucking a married woman with her husband’s permission and knowledge: Just fucking freaky

So to many monogamists cheating is “normal” whereas honesty is not.  Or at least that is how it seems.  Cheating is expected, if not acceptable, but an honest open relationship is not.  It’s okay to have sex with other people besides your spouse as long as your spouse doesn’t know about it, but it’s just wrong to do it if your spouse knows about it and consents willingly to it.  Of course they will tell you that’s not the case, that they don’t approve of it, but the numbers that do it (by all reasonable estimates 50% to 70% of all marriages experience cheating) show that their actions in no way support their words.

Just another reason why it’s very difficult, if not downright impossible to make a monogamist into a polyamorist.

So I have what could be considered at least a part-time steady girlfriend.  She is a woman who we met several years ago when she was married and she and her husband were swinging.  We’ll call her “K” for future reference.  Lucretia MacEvil never had any interest in her husband, but she and I hit it off like gasoline and fire, it was all sparks and hot flame.  Maybe it’s cosmic being we share a birthday, 5 years apart and were even born in the same hospital.  I don’t know, I don’t care, all I do know is that I’ve always had the hots for her.

Well, we all became friends, but nothing other than heavy making-out (which I love) ever happened between her and I for oh… two years.  And that was almost two years ago.

About a year ago her and her husband got divorced.  No, it had nothing to do with swinging.  They had been together since high school, 18 years in all, and it that time a lot of bad water had flowed under the bridge and those problems just weren’t going to be solved.  She was miserable with him.  So she left.  She dated a guy for the last year and that ended badly on Valentine’s Day this year.

So recently her text messages to me increased and I asked if she’d like to get together to watch a movie or something.  About three weeks ago we did and the night with her was awesome.  We went out again the following week, but no sex, just being together.  Unfortunately she’s been too busy in the last week to go out but we talk every day.

Is she up for a poly relationship?  I don’t know.  I don’t think she is.  But I think she is up for a relationship of some kind.  She’s not planning on getting married anytime soon, she has kids and is wanting anymore, so her situation is different than Unobtanium’s.  She simply wants companionship at this point.  And that I can give her for as long as she needs it.

Lucretia and her are friends, Lucretia loves her and loves the fact that we are finally able to spend some quality time together.  So for now I’m just going to take it as it comes and not take any of it for granted.

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