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Since Lucretia MacEvil and and I have had an open relationship and have attended many swingers parties and had threesomes and foursomes and moresomes, I’ve found that porn has little exciting factors to me anymore.  After experiencing these things first-hand and from a total sensory point-of-view, what I see on the screen just doesn’t compare.  Sure, the sex is hot, but it’s lacking an important aspect: real life.

What you see on a screen can in no way replace what you want to see and the sounds and the fragrance of different colognes, perfumes, sweat and sex.  Things that make-up the whole experience of sex, not just two people fucking on a 42″ flat screen.  Sure, I won’t turn-down watching a porn movie, but it’s just not the same.  The directors and producer show you what they want you to see, not what you want to see.  You hear what they want you to hear, not want you want to hear; and rarely is what they want you to hear anything close to what real sex sounds like.

And then there is the scent of sex that is missing.  Carnal.  Primitive.  It acts on a part of the brain that nothing else does.  It can’t be explained, it just is part of 200,000 years of human genetic makeup.  For me it’s an incredible high, one that lasts for weeks afterward and just thinking about can trigger sexual arousal.  No drug can compare.

In that vein, I came across a blog entry by a Twitter friend today that’s all about this.  I recommend you read it.

Glimpses by aag

~ LScribbens

I came across a blog tonight where the author was talking about how they had discovered from some neighbors that some other neighbors are suspected swingers (I won’t link his blog here because I’m sure he doesn’t want a bunch of swingers posting comments to it).  His post wasn’t bashing them at all and was actually very witty in handling the whole subject.  Many who commented on the blog had pretty typical reactions though: “We were shocked to find-out there are swingers in our neighborhood.”

I guess the fact that statistically 3 out of 10 of their women neighbors, and 4 out of 10 of their men neighbors are cheating doesn’t shock them, but neighbors who honestly and openly have sex with others does.  Because that should only happen when you are doing it in secret and cheating, right?

To show how rumors will travel, one commenter (who is local to me) even stated that swingers were meeting at a certain athletic club.  Well, being in the swinger community for years now I can truthfully say that I’ve never heard of this athletic club being a meeting place for swingers, and we’re embedded enough that we would of heard about it were it true.

Ah, the stories people make-up to make their own life more interesting.  If people only knew that the real life of a swinger is much less interesting, and includes much less sex than they think.

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