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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Tonight I am sad.  It’s not right really, but I am.  I’ve written about Unobtanium before, and I’ve never had sex with her, yet still I love her.  I have since we first met four years ago.  We’re best friends.  We chat everyday.  She texts me even when she is dong the most mundane of things.  We chit-chat about anything and everything all day long via text messages.

Tonight I reminded her that I had DVR’d a special she wanted to see and that she hadn’t been over to see it with me yet.  She asked if her boyfriend is invited also.  I had to tell her that of course he is because he is part of her life, therefore his is welcome in my home.  Do I mean it?  Yes, with all my heart.  Yet, it felt like a bit of our relationship died at that moment.  But she took a very big leap of faith asking me that if he is welcome, and I would never let her down.  Just as I know she’d never let me down.

One night while driving home after playing with a couple for the first time I said to Lucretia MacEvil “You know, I couldn’t find her clit.”  Lucretia turns to me and exclaims “YOU TOO! I thought it was just me!”

Yes, she had the smallest clit we have ever encountered. However she told her husband “You have to find out what Lucius is doing with his tongue because it’s awesome?”  So somehow, I must have found it.

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